Business travelers

Happy Travelers

For this segment, business travel is an exhilarating experience, one that they usually enjoy and seek out. They like to sightsee when they are on a business trip. Instead of using room service or the hotel’s restaurants, they would rather eat outside of their hotel.

Happy Travelers have little concern about airline safety, finding hotel fire exits, or losing their luggage.

A business trip offers them the opportunity to experience new hotels and avoid getting into a rut by going back to the same hotel. They prefer a non-smoking room offering cable channels. A hotel’s exercise facilities and swimming pool are positives for them.

If they left behind a toilet article, such as a toothbrush, they want the hotel to provide one. Getting frequent flier miles from a hotel chain that can be applied to their airline account is a perk this segment would like. Rapid check in and out is not that important to them.

Worried Travelers

Compared to the other two segments, business travel creates a state of anxiety and fear in the Worried Travelers. They are concerned about airline safety, lost luggage, and hotel fire-escape procedures.

They have little desire to try new hotels, even though they are not limited by corporate travel restrictions. They are not lured by frequent flier programs. While they like having a bar in their hotel room for drinks and snacks, that wouldn’t stop them from eating at a hotel’s restaurants.

Having shoe-shine cloths and similar toiletries from a hotel won’t gain their business. This segment also has little interest in using a hotel’s exercise facilities or its pool when traveling for business, but would like fast check in and out.

Travel Avoiders

Travel Avoiders don’t usually enjoy business travel, avoiding it whenever possible. For them a business trip won’t include sightseeing, even if they are in an unfamiliar city.

The Travel Avoiders aren’t fearful travelers; they are merely irritated with the hassles they experience on business trips. For example, they aren’t worried about airline safety, nor do they check out escape routes when they get to their room. Lost luggage, however, is of some concern.

Although they would like to try other hotels, corporate travel restrictions make that impossible. Compared to the other two segments, when the Travel Avoiders select a hotel for business travel cost is the primary consideration. A non-smoking room isn’t a priority with this segment, nor is a nicely decorated hotel room.

While in their a hotel room selected because of its cost, Travel Avoiders reveal they like to use both room service and hotel restaurant when on a business trip.

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