Why us?

Motivo consulting specializes in conducting b2b and b2c attitudinal segmentation research. Over the past 25 years our clients have been primarily Fortune 500 and mid-sized firms.

Rather than finding yourself handed off to an inexperienced junior associate, at Motivo Consulting you will work with one of the firm’s principals.

We listen to our clients’ needs. It’s fundamental to helping them reach their marketing objectives. We have found that each situation is unique and requires our focused attention.

We balance our extensive experience with a commitment to constantly advance our knowledge of marketing research methods—creating proprietary methodologies and mastering new analytical approaches.


Who we are?

Motivo consulting, a division of Strategic Directions Group, Inc., was formed over 25 years ago, committed to make attitudinal segmentation a mainstay in the research arsenal.

Believing in the versatility of this research approach, we felt its use shouldn’t be limited to special occasions or only applied to large, global issues. Because of our commitment to the utility and power of attitudinal segmentation research, we decided to start a firm specializing in it.

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What we do?

For almost three decades we’ve specialized in creating attitudinal segmentation research and the models needed to reach these segments effectively.

Through our approach we are able to discover unmet needs, as well as specific points for each segment on the adoption curve.

While demographics report on the current situation in the most basic terms and behaviors tell us about the past, only attitudinal segmentation research can reveal the underlying reasons for buying behavior.

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We think holistically

In order to achieve your marketing goals, it’s critical to consider the entire person.

Our studies do this by starting with segments based on attitudes and layering on demographics, behaviors, media and Internet usage, and other sources of information.

By synthesizing a segment’s complexity, we can reduce it to the essentials you can use for a successful marketing campaign.



  • custom attitudinal segmentation studies including our
    segments/dimensions—or not
  • models allowing for effective use of segmentation study results
  • reports generated from our existing data
  • consulting on the mature market
  • speeches, presentations on the mature market or on segmentation