Hispanic consumers


To succeed with this segment, advertisers will have to insure that Hispanics are portrayed realistically in ads. In this way, Hispanic children will see images that those in this segment consider to be accurate. Ads showing a family enjoying or trying a product developed specifically for Hispanics would be appreciated by this segment. Traditionals prefer advertising in Spanish.


To satisfy and attract those in this segment, advertisers will have to significantly improve how they portray Hispanics. This segment doesn’t feel advertisers are getting much right in ads aimed at them. The Dissatisfied are bothered that Hispanics are portrayed as general types and not from specific countries. This segment feels Hispanics are shown unfavorably and, therefore, they can’t identify with them. The Dissatisfied believe that by becoming more informed about Hispanic culture and the Hispanic mentality, advertisers will be able to improve their advertising to them.

On Target

This segment doesn’t have a problem with the way in which Hispanics are portrayed in advertising. Hispanic characters are real to them. Those in the On Target segment believe ads do a good job showing Hispanic values. While those in this segment like to learn about new products in English, they prefer the ads they see on Hispanic cable channels to those on network television. Like the Traditionals, the On Targets would like to see more products and services developed just for Hispanics. These two segments also feel Hispanics would like to share more of their culture with others.

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