Utility consumers

Loyal Basics

Loyal Basics want reliable energy and a great deal of personal service. They want their utility to be engaged with the community. Of the three attitudinal segments we discovered, the Loyal Basics is the least willing to practice energy conservation. There are only a few services the Loyal Basics would be willing to accept from their utility. The Loyal Basics say they don’t understand the deregulation of energy providers; however, they also believe that increased competition among utilities won’t bring either better service or lower prices.

Energy Involved

The Energy Involved have given a great deal of consideration to energy: who delivers it to them and how they consume it. Cost is not a primary consideration for those in this segment. The Energy Involved expect their utility to be innovative and would like to receive a clutch of services from it. They want to see consideration of the environment on the part of their utility, and they themselves are willing to conserve energy if a reward or rebate is offered. This segment craves convenience in paying its utility bill.

Cost Concerned

The Cost Concerned have three primary concerns: the cost of energy, its reliability and potential rewards for practicing energy conservation. Given a choice, they would opt for the utility offering the lowest prices for energy. In their view, large, national utilities can provide reliable energy as well as smaller, local ones. Those in this segment aren’t open to purchasing additional services from a utility, nor are they interested in various options for paying their utility bill. While the Cost Concerned say they don’t understand deregulation and don’t wish to understand it, they believe competition between utilities would result in lower prices and better services.

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