Segmentation studies

For over 35 years the principals of Motivo consulting, a division of Strategic Directions Group, Inc., have focused exclusively in defining profitable niches by their attitudes. We’ve done so for both b2c and b2b markets. Our research on motivations has consistently answered the all important why.

Because respondents are often less than truthful in their responses to conventional rating scales, we use Marketersm, our proprietary research methodology, to create our segments. Our methodology relies on the rank ordering of a large battery of attitude statements. Just as in the real world, respondents are forced to make choices. From this rank ordering we distill key statements. Our clients are able to use the research we produce because we identify ways in which segments can be identified and reached.

Each study we complete produces an algorithm of segment Identifiers to be used in further research, modeling, and online. In addition, our 360° profiles layer demographics, behaviors, and Internet and media usage onto core buying motivations.

Besides conducting attitudinal segmentation studies in the U.S. and internationally, we’ve also addressed an extremely diverse range of subjects. In b2c, we’ve researched products and services ranging from municipal bonds to feminine hygiene products, timeshares to restaurant concepts, and gasoline to pharmaceutical drugs. In b2b we’ve researched and created actionable segmentation strategies on bank presidents, insurance agents, stockbrokers, and physicians.

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