Morgan-Levy Health Cubesm system
Uncover the barriers to better health

Our Morgan-Levy Health Cube, an e-health system, reveals what motivates employees or patients when they make everyday health-related choices.

With these insights, targeted, more effective health communications and programming can be created.

We’ve synthesized our research into 7 critical health dimensions. Participants receive ratings on the dimensions instantly, and suggestions for next steps. While comparable to a motivational interview, our Morgan-Levy Health Cube can be completed online without a trained professional.

Aggregated reports provide employers, health insurers, wellness companies, and physicians with profiles of their populations.

Backed by 25 years of research on 25,000 Americans 18 and older, our proven, reliable, and cost-effective e-health system reduces health-care costs by facilitating targeted communications and programs.

If you would like to take the Morgan-Levy Health cube, contact us for a code.

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